Knock Sensor

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About Knock Sensor

A sensor that detects the knocking vibration of the engine with piezoelectric ceramics, used in spark advance control, will contribute to the improvement and fuel economy of the engine performance.

Main Products

ERAS®KN(Non-resonant type knock sensor)


Piezoelectric ceramic sensor for the detection of vibration caused by engine knocking. Knock sensors are used for ignition timing control that contributes to improved engine performance and fuel economy.


  • Flat output over the knock frequency band of 5-15kHz allows flexibility for use on a variety of engines
  • Installed machine types: Four-wheel, two-wheel, construction machinery, stationary gas engines, outboard motors, snowmobiles
  • New technology: Lead-free piezoelectric element (piezoelectric ceramic) We have resolved the issue of making lead-free piezoelectric elements practically viable by developing one that has a high output and low temperature dependence.