Temperature Sensor

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About Temperature Sensor

By monitoring the exhaust gas temperature, it is used in the optimal control of protection and exhaust gas after-treatment system of the exhaust system parts. We contribute to the improvement of clean and fuel efficiency of the exhaust gas.

Temperature Sensor Applications

Exhaust gas monitoring system

The wide range temperature sensor uses a thermostat sensing element to measure from low temperature up to 900℃ exhaust gas. Installed in the exhaust pipe, this sensor contributes to better fuel economy and cleaner emissions by monitoring exhaust gas temperature for the protection of exhaust components and optimization of exhaust after treatment control.

  1. Protection of exhaust components from heat deterioration.
    This sensor can be used to protect turbochargers, catalysts, and heat sensitive components.
  2. Monitoring of particulate (soot) filter system.
    Supports diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration by helping control exhaust gas to the most effective temperature for burning soot from the DPF.
  3. Monitoring of NOx reduction system.
    Measures exhaust gas temperature to enable most efficient NOx conversion by lean NOx trap (LNT) systems.
  4. Monitoring of EGR system
    Measures the EGR gas temperature to support OBD diagnosis of the EGR cooler and optimize the cooling effect of the EGR cooler.

Main Products

CTAS®-T(Wide range exhaust gas temperature sensor)


Perovskite ceramics sensing element allows wide range temperature detection up to 900℃. High heat resistance and flexible design of probe unable to install this sensor to exhaust pipe or catalyst casing. The sensor is designed to survive severe vibration or high temperature environment.


  • Sensors optimized for two different temperature ranges: 100℃~900℃ (C-type) and -40℃~900℃ (E-type)
  • Small element and thin probe for fast response
  • Small size for low weight
  • Robust one piece pressed metal tube
  • Powder-filled element support for vibration resistance