Conservation of Biodiversity

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Conservation of Biodiversity

Recognizing the conservation of biodiversity as a critical global challenge, NGK SPARK PLUG Group identifies it as a material environmental issue for us to address, along with global warming mitigation and resource recycling.
From this point of view, we established the NGK SPARK PLUG Group Biodiversity Action Guidelines in April 2013.

Biodiversity Action Guidelines (Japanese only)12KB

Using the guidelines as a guide, we are working to remain aware of the fact that our activities, particularly involving energy and resource usage, are inevitably causing impacts on biodiversity, and are taking appropriate measures to reduce such impacts throughout our business operations, in cooperation with business partners and external groups.
As one of these measures, together with Komaki City, Komaki City Natural Environment Watchers (citizens registered with the city through an open application), and neighboring companies, we are working on extermination of the invasive alien species, lanceleaf coreopsis, in Komaki City every year. However, it was canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Extermination of lanceleaf coreopsis