Environmentally-friendly Products

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Development of Environmentally Friendly Products

We design, develop and provide environmentally friendly products so as to reduce the environmental impact of products on a life cycle basis. Specifically, when developing new products and changing specifications, we ensure that no substance of concern will be included and energy- and resource-saving design standards are met, and take appropriate measures as necessary.

Product Assessment Checklist

Such efforts have been pursued over the years to offer a broad lineup of environmentally friendly products.
To further promote and expand the lineup, we have made the offering of products designed in consideration of the environment as our Priority Issue to be tackled and are setting targets for 2030 for spark plugs and automotive oxygen sensors that contribute to higher fuel efficiency and cleaner exhaust gas as our foremost environmentally friendly products.
We have also established the goal of facilitating adoption of our proprietary lead-free piezoelectric ceramics to replace conventional lead-based equivalents that are commonly used in many consumer appliances and are thus giving rise to concerns over the material’s adverse effects on the environment and human health.

Environmentally Friendly Product Certification System

We will establish an environmentally friendly product certification system that focuses on the environmental impact of the entire supply chain, including the production process in our businesses, and start its operation in FY 2021. Products that meet the certification criteria will be announced as Nittoku Green Products.