Global Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Policy

We acknowledge that employees are the most important management resources. In light of this, we respect the diversity and individuality of our employees and promote the cultivation of physically and mentally healthy human beings, striving to promote the further development of our group as a whole.

Action Guidelines

  • We secure and foster human resources who help pass down our “Quality Product” and “Involvement by all” principles to the following generations. To this end, we provide learning opportunities and other programs to support the career development of all employees.
  • We strive to nurture a corporate culture that ensures that people with different qualities can fully realize their own capabilities within our group.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

In order to grasp the Group’s situation and challenges and make improvements, we have been conducting an employee satisfaction survey targeting employees of NGK SPARK PLUG and group companies in Japan.

The response rate for FY 2020 survey reached 88.0%, and the satisfaction rate was 46.2%, showing a decrease from the previous year.

The survey results are returned to the heads of each department who work on improvements based on the understanding of the department’s situation and challenges indicated by the survey results. Also, the Human Resources department is working to create a better working environment by interviewing young employees in each workplace to identify issues.