Niterra efforts to create new businesses

Since our founding in 1936, Niterra has contributed to the development of society with our core technology of ceramics.

Until now, we have grown to have the world's top market share centered on products for internal combustion engine vehicles such as spark plugs and sensors. But now the world is about to change dramatically.

In particular, the automobile industry is facing a once-in-a-century period of major change, from internal combustion engines to electrification, as we move toward decarbonization on a global scale. Given the need for major changes in our business models, we are also transitioning from a company that accurately responds to customer needs to a company that anticipates potential issues and resolves them.

Our challenge is to create new businesses to tackle the various issues facing the world and contribute to the realization of
a better society and the provision of new value to the world.

Development of innovative human resources

A company's assets are its people. The New Business Creation Department, which was established to develop a wide variety of new businesses, is working to develop human resources who will bring innovation to the world. Centering on the culture creation project, which was launched autonomously mainly by young employees, the action guidelines of the new business creation department are set by the employees themselves and shared with all members as shared values. These guidelines include: "True value is created through dialogue with customers," "Think about what is best and act without being bound by the way things are normally done or the standard way of doing things," and "Always think about the value you can provide." We believe that the essence of fostering innovative human resources is to develop talent who can create value themselves, rather than following the value created by others.

We have a lineup of practical educational programs that specialize in creating new business which includes a variety of learning and awareness training, such as business creation training, design thinking training, DX education, and language training.

In addition to in-house educational programs, employees actively participate in external innovator training programs, discuss new business creation methods with other companies, and gain experience by being seconded to venture companies and mutual secondments with other companies.

We are also focused on developing more practical human resources, towards building a group where each individual thinks and acts autonomously rather than top-down.
Our entire company is about to change.