Taking on the realization of a sustainable society

Future vision drawn from the creation of new business

A future where migration to outer space and the moon surface away from the earth begins. As this happens, a regenerative circulation system that circulates water, air, food, and energy, keeps them clean without generating waste is being considered. We assume that by 2040, such a recycling system can be introduced, even in general life to establish a sustainable life that does not burden the global environment. What can and should we do to make this a reality?

Actually, our technologies and products already have several elements that contribute to such a recycling society. It is important to reevaluate, evolve, and develop our technologies from the perspective of developing a recycling system that can detect air, water, and energy, collect and concentrate them, and transform them into a different state.

Of course, it is difficult for our Group alone to achieve the innovation required to establish such a recycling society. We also need to supplement our own deficiencies through M&A and collaboration with other companies. As a structural reform for that purpose, we have established the "M&A Strategy Dept." within our Global Strategy Div. While consolidating and accumulating the knowledge, experience, and know-how related to M&A that has been dispersed throughout our company, we are also engaged in M&A aimed at transforming our business portfolio.


Becoming a Niterra Ventures Company

In April 2021, we established a Niterra Ventures Company (NVC) for the development of a wide variety of new business. NVC's mission is to provide solutions that improve the quality of life for people around the world. We are promoting various initiatives in various fields, such as “Sumikaze” in the field of environment and energy, which suppresses airborne bacteria, viruses, and odors, “Doctor Link” in the field of mobility, which is a preventive maintenance service that connects automobile maintenance shops and users,and Femtech in the medical field, which uses technology to solve various health problems for women.

In the future, we will create a situation where the entire company can work together to promote the direction of new business creation, including through NVC.

Commercialization Strategy Leveraging Core Technologies

In order to realize the transforming our business portfolio set forth in the “2030 Long-Term Management Plan NITTOKU BX”, we will actively work to strengthen our core technologies and create new businesses that leverage our core technologies. Specifically, we will set up a department (Scientific Research Laboratory) to explore and create industry-leading and world-class technologies. I will work on it from a positive perspective.

In addition, we newly established a department (Business Implementation Div.) this year to work on business development centered on our core technology. In this division, we will identify the technologies necessary to solve market issues, and will speedily promote the creation of new businesses while actively seeking collaboration with scientific research institutes and other companies.