Igniter Plugs

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About Igniter Plugs

Plugs to be assembled for the new car.

Main Products

Igniter plug for jet engines


For airplanes (jet engines)


This plug is designed with a high-purity aluminum insulator and a special alloy so that it can withstand high spark energy, high voltage, high temperature, and high-pressure gas.

Plug for reciprocal engines


For airplanes (reciprocal engines)


The plug has a shield structure that covers the whole body with metal fittings and can prevent radio wave noises completely. Because the compression ratio and boost pressure of the reciprocal engine with a supercharger are high, the spark gap is set at about 0.35 mm, in general, which is considerably narrow in comparison to that for vehicles, in order to prevent an accidental fire.

Igniter plug for rockets


For rockets


Because this plug is installed in the combustion chamber near the supply port of hydrogen and oxygen, a silicon nitride insulator that can withstand strong impact from the combustion heat is embedded in the plug.

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