Delivering new value in the face of an ever-changing future.

To meet large-scale global environmental changes, we too must change.

Creating an organization comprised of passionate individuals working together to face challenges head-on in order to better society.

We are transcending imagination with technology that transcends boundaries.

We are more than just ceramics and we are going in new directions.

2040 VISION -Change drastically beyond the current wayー

The economy and society have changed rapidly. There have been many changes in technology, such as the introduction of EVs and the increasing demand for semiconductors. There have been political changes, such as protectionism in major nations and trade conflicts. During this difficult time, we too must change. We cannot continue as we have in the past but must move towards creating a sustainable society.

We have followed the premise of "What ceramics can do" and "Manufacturing = Monozukuri" but now we must face the challenges of the world in order to realize a better society. We must put aside "What ceramics can do" to face the challenges in the world to contribute to a sustainable society, by growing to meet the challenge of "Beyond ceramics", and work towards "eXceeding imagination".

By 2040 we aim to create a new NGK SPARK PLUG group with the vision of "Beyond ceramics, eXceeding imagination".

2040 VISION and the 2030 Long-Term Management Plan

Backcasting from the “2040 VISION”, we have created the “2030 Long-Term Management Plan NITTOKU BX”.
This fiscal year is the final year of the 7th Mid-Term Plan. The next mid-term plan is set for the following 4 years with a 5-year mid-term plan after that. These plans will further flesh out the 10-year long-term management plan.

Action Guidelines: Change with Will!!

Under our guiding principle of "Change with Will" we aim to transform our organization and business structure through speedy changes to become a company that can coexist with employees and stakeholders from a global perspective.

Business Fields to Focus On

We are focused on four fields of business: Environment & Energy, Mobility, Medical, and Communication.

Our core competence are Ceramics Materials Technology, Sensing Technology, global production / sales system, and many others. Using those core technologies we seek to add value through "Something New", and through the use of "Open Innovation" to grow the four fields.

Environment & Energy

Energy and environmentally friendly

  • Use sensing technology that improves industrial efficiency
  • Supply stable renewable energy

SDGs Contributions


Fun and convenient mobility

  • Services to meet the needs of users’ lifestyles
  • Improve electricity with ceramic components
  • MaaS to meet special needs

SDGs Contributions


Bring advanced medical care to people all over the world

  • Non-invasive diagnosis and treatment, provision of preventive equipment and services

SDGs Contributions


High-speed communication to connect the real and the virtual

  • Support high-speed communication and its infrastructure

SDGs Contributions

2030 Long-term Management Plan: Business portfolio

One of our aims for the "2040" VISION" is a business portfolio conversion (40% internal combustion engine business, 60% non-internal combustion engine business). The “2030 Long-term Management Plan NITTOKU BX” aims for 60% internal combustion engine business and 40% non-internal combustion engine business.

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Beyond ceramics, eXceeding imagination